Johnny Corriher

John  MeCellan  Corriher entered entered into at Doctor’s Hospital on Saturday, Feburary 28, 2015. Johnny was born on September 11, 1940. His father  was the late Chalmer Corriher and his mother was the late Willie McGahee Corriher.  Johnnie was born in East Spencer NC.  Johnny worked at Gracewood State School and Hospital in the laundry for 17 years, he was a member of Calvary Baptist Church and he was a member of “God’s Special Angel’s” Sunday School class and group. Johnny loved church and singing songs such as “Jesus Loves Me” and “Amazing Grace.” He really enjoyed collecting CD’s and Elvis was one of his favorite singers. He also enjoyed Hot Rod magazine. Johnny was a very sweet and loving man who never met a stranger. He resided with his caretaker Helen Brunson and and his best friend from Gracewood,  Wallace Rolland, for the past three and a half years. Johnny has been missed and will be missed by all who know and love him. Sherry McCellen, Iris Hensley, and Beverly Ostafin were great friends of Johnny’s who took him on trip and taught him about God’s love in church. Johnny loved to sing while Alan Gunter played the guitar for him in church. There will be a graveside service for Johnny at Magnolia Cementary on Friday, April 6, at 1PM. Dr. Dwayne Cater, the Pastor of Calvary Baptist of Augusta, will be officiating. Johnny knew Jesus Christ as He Savior and he loved Him very much.

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