Frequently Asked Questions

What is Proven Brand Formula?

A proven step-by-step process to turn your business into a unique, unforgettable brand. We walk you through a simplified series of steps, using tools we’ve used and refined over the years of working with many clients.

How can Proven Brand Formula help me?

It will help you to help you clarify your business strategy, define your brand and develop a distinctive personality for your business – one that will help you stand out from the competition. It’s a well-known fact that brands are able to charge more, have higher margins, sell more products, and more engaged customers who are happy with their customer experience will demand more from the brands they love.

Why do I need Branding?

Creating a brand is what allows you to stand out and be distinctive in the marketplace. It’s what creates recognition for your business and helps you to set up customer expectations about what your brand provides.

Isn’t creating a brand only important if you’re a cereal company, selling expensive cars, or have multi-million dollar ad budgets?

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Sure, branding is important to those companies too, but it’s especially critical to the success of startup companies, as well as smaller and medium businesses alike.

Just think about it – if you’ve got huge budgets – making a mistake can be costly, but if you’re an entrepreneur or a smaller company mistakes in your business, your positioning could be DEADLY to your business. Mis-steps in your messaging can turn off or offend your customers – turning them toward your competition and draining your ad budget.

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