Elaine Montano

Augusta, GA – “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.” John 11:25
On December 8, 2011, Elaine Montano of Augusta, GA, went home to God.
A memorial service will be held Monday December 12, 2011 at 6:00 pm at Church of the Holy Comforter, 473 Fury’s Ferry Road, Martinez, Georgia 30907; The Rev. Dr. Cynthia Taylor, officiant.
Elaine, born in Hartford, Connecticut on March 31, 1961, was the daughter of Robert C. Montano and Teresa C. Montano of Simsbury, CT.
Elaine’s love for golf brought her to the CSRA in the 1980’s. She competed on the LPGA golf tour for many years. Her home course was Midland Valley Country Club in Graniteville, SC, where she worked as the pro shop administrator allowing her the opportunity to share her passion for golf with others. Elaine began her career in 1993 with La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of the Southeast, eventually assuming the role of Vice-President of Marketing.
Elaine loved life, and loved sharing it with others. Among her many passions were gardening, cycling, cooking, traveling and most importantly spending time with her family and family of friends. Her appreciation for all of God’s creations was particularly evident in her deep love for animals.
She was a nurturing, beautiful, gentle spirit who had a heart for serving others. This was best seen through her ministries at her home parish, Church of the Holy Comforter, where she was an active member of the Prayer Team, Prayer Chain, and Prayer Shawl Ministry.
Elaine is survived by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Montano, brother Steven Montano (Julie Montano), and partner of twenty years Martha Percival Brown, as well as many beloved members of her extended family.
In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made in honor of Elaine Montano to Church of the Holy Comforter.
Chance & Hydrick Funeral Directors, 2502 Richmond Hill RD, Augusta, GA 30906.

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  1. Elaine’s Eulogy With Love to all who knew her:

    I have the privilege to speak about Elaine today

    To share with you who Elaine was – is to recall her way, her friendship, her faith.

    Elaine was Bold and Fun Loving

    I met Elaine – 32 years ago. I was out with friends at the HOT SPOT dance club at the time “Banana’s”

    My friends and I were dancing, giggling and people watching, when a young curly haired – dark eyed girl was standing in front of me with her hand extended – smiling – she said “Hi my name is Elaine Montano”…. I smiled back said my name and shook her hand.

    She said “I can see you and your friends are having a fun time”.
    I replied “The music is great – are you here with anyone?”
    “Yes she replied my friends are over there – pointing over to some girls chatting together”

    At that moment the Luther Vandross song “Never too Much” was played – my friends waved for us to come out to the dance floor – I looked at Elaine and said “Come – on”….. we all danced together pretty much the rest of the night.

    When it was time to leave Elaine said “I’m having a party at my house next Saturday night – please come and bring a friend if you like”.

    With that she handed me directions to 13 Carver Circle.

    The following Saturday my friend Chad and I drove to the party.

    When we arrived Elaine greeted us at the door, brought us inside where a small group of her friends were enjoying lively conversation and listening to music……When the night came to a close Elaine and I exchanged telephone numbers – we knew we were at the beginning of a new friendship.

    Elaine was in her senior year at Central Connecticut State University – she drove a little 2 door Datson – it had a JVC stereo with fancy speakers installed in it – and she liked to play her music loud while driving here and there.

    After classes she would drop over to my southend Apartment I shared with a good friend Beverly. I knew when she was coming – I could hear her music as she bombed down Adelaide street to the front of the house.….in the Winter she would turn the heater all the way up, roll down her drivers window – singing away to her music – she told me she liked the cold and hot combination.

    She attended Church every Sunday for all the years I’ve known her….her faith a central part of her life.

    To see her sitting with her family – together here in Their church – one might describe Elaine as beautiful – quiet – demure – a conservative women….and this would be an accurate description of her –
    However for those who knew her – she was so – so much more.

    This year – many of her good friends attended her 50th birthday celebration. Held in a private room at a favorite spot in Augusta – we all enjoyed a delicious dinner – and the beautiful voice of a professional singer with her accompaniest

    After this private performance – I took Elaine’s iPod and plugged it into the system….Songs we hadn’t heard in years began to play…….Nancy and I took Elaine by the hands to the front of the room and the three of us began to dance….
    With that everyone jumped up and joined us ….dancing …and being silly.

    And then the song “This Time Baby” started to play….Elaine went over to the mike stand – took the mike in her hand – and sang along with the song – with all of her heart – “this Time, this time baby”

    She took us completely by surprise….when she finished singing that song – Nancy went over to her smiling…..”Elaine…..where did this come from?”
    Elaine replied “Ive always secretly wanted to sing karaoke” And with mike in hand Elaine sang each song that came on for the rest of the evening.

    Elaine was adventurous

    The summer Elaine graduated from CCSU – Bev and I were having friends over – a small get together. It was that evening that Elaine met Donna Fulton. Some time within all the chatting – Golf was brought up…..Donna was talking of a good friend of hers – who was an outstanding golfer and a teaching pro at a club in South Carolina…

    Hearing this Elaine told Donna how she loved the game and played regularly – that with training she felt she had what it takes to go pro. Hearing Elaine’s excitement Donna offered to put Elaine in contact with her good friend….Eileen Kask – but – everyone calls her Babe.

    From that moment the wheels of possibility and excitement were put in motion…..Introductions were made…..logistics were worked out and in a matter of months…..Elaine was on a train to South Carolina where Babe met her at the station.

    With Babe’s incredible patience and skilled teaching talents, she coached Elaine and brought out the best in her student – Elaine was committed to the game and embarked on the hard work of becoming a professional Golfer……..practicing her swing – hitting ball after ball – fine tuning her form – all under the watchful loving eye of her coach – her confidant….Babe.

    Pursuing her dream – Elaine traveled around the country – experiencing a new world – meeting so many wonderful people….one of whom being Cara…a young women – who much like Elaine – was pursuing her dreams

    Cara became one of Elaine’s dearest of friends….along with Nancy, Cathy, Michele, Babe, myself….I’m quite sure if someone should ask – would Elaine’s Best friend please stand up – we all would stand-up….that’s how Elaine made you feel…..

    After some time and soul searching – Elaine made the decision to have Golf in her life as a leisure sport But that it was time to pursue a new career.

    Elaine was Smart

    She majored in marketing and what a perfect fit it was…she was ahead of the pack on many trends – Keenly interested in health and nutrition, she believed in the benefits of exercise, balanced diet and vitamins…..
    She knew it first hand – her new favorite form of exercise was cycling, and it demanded her good health.

    Elaine became an avid cyclist….her enthusiasm for it inspired her to join a distance cycling club….she routinely would jump on her bike for a Little – 25 mile ride – along the Savannah River.

    Some 19 years ago she explored opening a Health Food Store in Augusta – she conducted a survey of the residents and the subsequent analysis affirmed the area would support this type of business – But – there was an established business in town – Tipperary Sales – a Lazy Boy affiliate.

    One of the owner’s of this business – Martha Brown – had met Elaine at a social occasion – Martha quickly gleaned that Elaine had a true talent for business and convinced her to come to work for Tipperary Sales….Elaine proved to be a Great Catch and in not much time was made Vice President of Marketing.

    Elaine had created a healthy living lifestyle long before it was en vogue….her work at Tipperary Sales was very satisfying – but the entrepreneur in her was always on the watch for new health products and trends…..
    She discovered a product that sprayed vitamins, like a breath spray, directly into the mouth….a very efficient way to take vitamins – many athletes were using the product……again….Elaine new a good thing when she saw it.

    Elaine was Artistic

    Her home surrounded by the flower gardens she created….all planted with a learned eye – positioning them around the yard – in such ways – that when they bloomed their colorful faces could be enjoyed from inside and outside her home.

    Her vegetable garden was lush and full of yummy tomatoes, green beans, basil, lettuces, mint and so much more….
    The seeds all planted in neat rows – nurtured with loving care
    As they grew and ripened – the harvest would be on display at her table.

    She knitted – made her own soaps – many of us the lucky recipients of these lovingly crafted things- as gifts from her – over the years.

    A Devoted Daughter – Loving Sister and Niece – Loyal Friend

    Elaine’s love for her family – her loyalty to them and her church – was affirmed with every trip home…every telephone call ending with – I LOVE YOU – precious words like jewels – she gave them freely – straight from her heart.

    Her friends – GRACED – with the same loving care – She always ended her call with “LOVE YOU”

    So enriched our LIVES became by her touching generosity…..LOVE was not a scarcity in ELAINE – IT WAS ABUNDANT.

    In the Full Circle of Life – It was in This Church where Elaine was Baptized and Christened –

    It is fitting – that it is – from here – her familial sacred place – that Elaine be sent Home to her Loving Holy Father

    With this powerful knowledge and our memories – we all will gain the inner strength – to reach that time when our remembrances recall – only the very best moments we had – with our beloved Elaine.

    The Stories we share with one another – of times spent with her – our personal relationships with her – these loving memories – ensure Elaine’s ever-lasting life.

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